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Autumn Blues

For most of us the summer holidays are now a dim and distant memory. The children are back at school, the weather has turned, and the shops are already displaying Hallowe’en and Christmas goodies.

Autumn blues aside, October is a good time to start looking forward to thinking about the arrangements for children over the festive period.

Christmas is a magical time for children, and for those who have parents in separate households, it is important that they are able to spend quality time with all of the people who are important in their lives. It isn’t a case of one size fits all. Much will depend on things like geography, the ages of your children, and other events which are planned. Some families operate a “year about” pattern, so the arrangements for this year may depend on what happened at Christmas 2017. The thing to focus on, is what will work best for your children in their particular circumstances.

It can be very stressful for parents who are unable to reach an agreement, especially for those who need to make an urgent application to the Court in the weeks running up to Christmas, and are unable to make any plans until the Court makes a decision. That situation can also be stressful for the children themselves. However, with some careful consideration at an early stage, factoring in family celebrations and other events and commitments throughout the festive period, it is often possible to agree arrangements with the other parent at an early stage, so that everyone can relax and enjoy this special time.

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I hope that you all get what you want for Christmas, even if it is just to keep the stress levels to a minimum.


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