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Coping with children for separated parents during the COVID-19 pandemic

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We are guiding our clients through the current difficulties caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. Please read the guidance note issued by Scotland’s most senior Judge the Lord President Lord Carloway.

These are stressful times for parents and if you are separated, you may be worried about the impact of the Coronavirus and seeing your children. If those involved are unwell or self-isolating then technology may provide some help with seeing your children using FaceTime, WhatsApp video call, Skype or Zoom.

The priority must always be protecting the health of all involved particularly your children. In this respect, creativity can help children cope with missing the parent they cannot see. We are all missing our friends, extended family and colleagues. Children are adaptable but they may also have times when they will be very upset at not seeing the other parent in the usual way.

There are many innovative ideas online that may help. These range from keep fit classes to art classes etc. You might be able to encourage your child to join in with you in appropriate keep fit classes or draw you a picture they can send you by email which you can print off and show them you putting it up. This might help them to feel connected with you during these challenging times. How about you each composing a playlist of your favourite feel good songs?

You could even play board games and have a virtual lunch or dinner. Have your child compose a menu for you and let them see you have made what is on it.

Many might be tempted to use the current pandemic as a way of avoiding compliance with Court Orders relating to children. Whilst the Courts are operating at a reduced capacity now, there may still be scope for asking the Court to tackle urgent issues such as non-compliance with a Court Order during this time; or there may be other ways in which we can help.

We are here to help, family law is our business, and where your family matters.

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Michaela Hinchin

N.B. Please note the contents of this Blog do not constitute any form of legal advice and you should always obtain individual advice as to your rights from a family lawyer.

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