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Divorce/dissolution of civil partnership

Our team of dedicated award-winning family lawyers understand that divorce can be a difficult time for everyone involved.

We appreciate that a Divorce/Dissolution of Civil Partnership can trigger many questions about the future such as:

  • What is the legal process for obtaining a divorce/dissolution of Civil Partnership in Scotland?
  • What are my rights about my children?
  • What are my money and property rights?
  • Why should I instruct a Family Lawyer rather than deal with it myself?

It is important that you understand the legal process of divorce, how your financial situation can be managed and how arrangements will be made for any children of your relationship. Whilst it could be tempting for you to consider trying to negotiate your own Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnership, it is worth remembering that you will be deciding on the most important personal and legal issues in your life. Our guidance will allow you to make bespoke, careful, well informed decisions about your plans for the future.

Our aim is to answer your questions with a practical, sympathetic and straightforward approach.

We also offer specialist advice to couples who wish to enter into terms of a Pre-Nuptial Agreement in advance of their marriage. This can be particularly important where there are gifts of money involved or if it is a second marriage.

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