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Effective negotiation is crucial in resolving family law matters.

Our team of award-winning Specialist family lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating terms of settlement.

We will listen to you and provide focused advice. It is common for terms of settlement to be reached using effective negotiation between solicitors. Agreed terms can be recorded in a legally binding and enforceable agreement which may mean you can avoid litigation.


Our aim is to resolve matters without the involvement of Court. We understand that this is not always practical or sensible.

We appreciate that you could be apprehensive about the Court process. We will only involve the Court where it is appropriate and necessary to do so. We will advise you based on your individual circumstances as to when it may be necessary to raise a Court action.

Our award-winning Specialist family lawyers have considerable experience in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session process.

Prior to embarking on litigation, we will provide you with detailed information about all other options available to you. Our team includes lawyers who are trained in Collaborative Practice, Family Law Mediation and Family Law Arbitration. This means we have the benefit of a detailed insight into each of these alternative options.

Alternative options

We can provide you with specialist advice to explore all options available to you to reach a solution and in doing so, recommend what option would be best to you for your individual needs and circumstances.


Our Family Mediators have extensive training in Family Mediation. They are members of CALM Scotland. As our Family Mediators are experienced court practitioners, they are also able to draw upon their experience during the mediation process to assist the parties with reaching an outcome based on reality. The Mediation process gives you and your partner the opportunity to explore options to assist with making future plans following upon your separation.

Key to this process is choosing the right mediator for you. Our mediators is Janie Law.

Both financial matters and child related issues can be addressed at mediation.


The Collaborative process involves a series of structured meetings which take place with your lawyer present throughout together with your partner and their lawyer. The process is solution focused and can cover both financial and child related issues.

All of our solicitors are trained in this process. Collaborative Lawyers are all members of Consensus Scotland and the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


Family Law Arbitration is a legal process for the resolution of disputes outwith a court context. The parties to a dispute refer to one or more persons (the arbitrator) by whose decision (the award) they agree to be bound.

Our Family Law Arbitrator is Karen Gailey.

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