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Our fees

Our aim is to be open and fair about our feeing arrangements. We offer award-winning specialised family law advice at highly competitive rates.

For new clients we charge a fixed fee of £180 inclusive of VAT for an initial meeting of up to an hour.

We can agree a fixed fee for certain types of work, for example, undefended or simplified divorces.

For other work, like most solicitors, we base our charges on an hourly rate. However, we charge only for the actual time spent on your case. What does this mean for you? From the outset this leads to considerable savings:

  • Most solicitors break the hour into ten units of 6 minutes each and charge per unit.
  • Using the unit based charging system, a 3 minute telephone call is charged as 6 minutes i.e. one unit.
  • Using our charging system you would only be charged for the actual time spent on the call i.e. 3 minutes not 6 minutes. This is half the cost.

At your first meeting, we will provide you with a written explanation about the costs associated with meetings, telephone calls, dealing with emails, preparing letters and formal documents. Any fee notes we send to you will be accompanied by a detailed breakdown of the work carried out on your behalf.

Please note that we do not take on cases under the legal aid scheme.

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